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Videorecordings of the Modern League are part of our main content that we provide you every week. Here we record the top tables and make a selection of matchups on which we think that are the most exciting to watch! You can find us on our YouTube-Channel. Feel free to Like & Subscribe if you like to see more of this content!

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The MTG Growmodel

The MTG Growmodel is a model that we created for you to grow in your Magic skills! The Growmodel is developed as a guide with handy tips & Tricks. Note that the model is not as linear as it may seem. It is highly possible that you have some characteristics of different fases. Do the “MTG Test” and find out where you stand!

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Meta Reports

Next to our other content we also produce Meta Reports of the events we follow. Until now, we have produced meta reports in our weekly GML Meta Reports, Monthly Events and Tournament Reports. In these reports we try to describe the ambiance, the decklists and striking moments! Press the button below!

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Although this initiative is disinterested and is runned by volunteers, it isn’t effortless and it does cost us time and money to maintain and improve. Therefore we searched for a way so we can keep doing what we do and increase our content and quality for You! If you are interested don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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Interviews are part of our main content. We like to get to know the player behind the achievements and share that with You, the community! The interviews contain subjects as playstyles, results, tips and sometimes even some nostalgic memories from the past. Overal the Interviews are entertaining at the least!

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Gameforce Monthly

The Gameforce Monthly a.k.a. the ‘Monthly’ is a tournament held at the Gameforce and has the size of 20 to 70 players every month. On this day there are tournaments for several formats. The Modern format is one of them and followed by aMTGplayer closely, providing you Winner Interviews and Metareports!

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Gameforce Modern League

The GML is a local competition played on every wednesday of the week at the Gameforce in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Everyone who likes to play Modern, has a Modern deck and is willing to travel, is welcome to participate in the League! You don’t have to participate every week and it is also possible to join in every given week!

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Standard Showdown

Standard is a Magic Format that we as aMTGplayer would like to get more into. There isn’t much content about this format yet on this website, however we follow the Standard Showdowns held at the Gameforce Gamestore. If you like to read more about these showdowns, click on the image or the header!
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