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aMTGplayer proudly presents to you the second date that we’ll be covering an event with videocoverage. This will be on the 1st of september 2019.

This time we’ll be covering a team event at Gameforce. We’re already preparing for this great day to come and are very pleased to tell you that our caster Yoeri joined the aMTGplayer team.

Yoeri his main focus will be related to casting and doing everything necessary to please our viewers in the future. With this addition to our team we’re happy to tell you that we’re planning on streaming more Dutch events in the future!

Although Yoeri joined our team we’re always looking to add new members to our team to make the Dutch Magic community bigger. If you have any ideas or if you want to take part in our team feel free to drop us a message at

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Chief Content Officer, Decks: UW/Bant spirits, BW Gideons/ BW midrange, Colorless Eldrazi, Pyro Prison

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