GML Meta Report 3

GML Meta Report 3

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The third round of the GML Season 3 has been played and this week we have a back-to-back Unstoppable Achievement! Apart from that, we had a nice count of 12 players in this round!

If you would like to see the changes of this season, please click on the following link for the announcements

With everyone ready, the evening started and the players began to play. The evening started as ever. If you like to see the videos of tonight, click on the link below! We are having VODS 2.0 with music and a layover!

  • Next Monthly is at sunday 19th of May
  • PJ has achieved an back-to-back GML Unstoppable Achievement
  • PJ is now in the lead, followed by Raymond and Yoeri!
  • 2x UR Phoenix
  • 1x 4c Humans
  • 1x Bant Humans
  • 1x Naya Midrange
  • 1x Mono-white Martyr
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x Grixis Control
  • 1x Ad Nauseam
  • 1x UW Control
  • 1x Amulet Titan
  • 1x Mono Red Karn Prison

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