GML Meta report 4

GML Meta report 4

sep 14 Deadaluzz  

Going in to this round was exciting. 3 people were competing for the first place. Who would come out on top half way the competition?!

This week 12 people battled it out in the Gameforce Modern league! Ivo managed to make his second 4-0 victory this season and takes first place. This resulted in the following rank:

Kaloyan is closely following Ivo, but Ivo took a distance by beating Kaloyan heads on. This weeks finals were between Ivo and Eric M who’s making a comeback! Eric managed to trow down a turn 3 Bloodbraid Elf into a Lightning Skelemental and attacked for 9 damage. While he had a bolt and an other Bloodbraid Elf in hand waiting, Ivo trew down two Thought-Knot Seers and took both cards. From there on out Eric saw the finals slip through his fingers.

This epic battle resulted in Ivo taking the lead in the competition with Kaloyan closely following.

The Meta consisted of the following decks:
– Eldrazi Tron
– UG Infect
– 2x UW Stoneblade
– Mono Black Zombies
– Jund Toolbox
– Jeskai Tempo
– Mono Red Prowess
– Merfolk
– Jund
– GW Toolbox
– Mardu Aggro

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Chief Content Officer, Decks: UW/Bant spirits, BW Gideons/ BW midrange, Colorless Eldrazi, Pyro Prison

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