GML Meta report 5

GML Meta report 5

sep 29 Deadaluzz  

Going into round 5 it was Ivo his time to earn the miracles award by winning three times in a row with 4-0. This wouldn’t be easy because a new contender showed up and wanted to show the GML how it’s done! After playing 4 rounds of Magic Tom managed to go 4-0 and Ivo had to be satisfied with a 3-1. This resulted in the following score.

This week only 9 people attended at the GML. Next week Robert will be back so we’ll continue streaming. Hopefully this will result in more competitors.

The meta this week was:
– 2x Eldrazi Tron
– Mono Red Prowess
– Infect
– Niv Mizzet
– Jeskai Stoneblade
– Mono Black Zombies
– UW Stoneblade
– Jund

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Chief Content Officer, Decks: UW/Bant spirits, BW Gideons/ BW midrange, Colorless Eldrazi, Pyro Prison

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