GML Meta Report 5

GML Meta Report 5

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The 5th round of the GML Season 3 has been played and this week our first ever Miracles Achiever didn’t make it to win 4 times 4 wins in a row! Apart from that, the player count was a bit dissapointing this week. Only 10 players were present this round! Apart from that, we are over the half of our third season and who is going to win it? Who is going to take the trophy from Yoeri’s closet?! With 4 players getting 9 points this round it is still all for grabs! With a double tron, tron was the most popular deck to pick up this week.

So for everyone reading this article.. be there next week!!

If you would like to see the changes of this season, please click on the following link for the announcements

If you like to see the videos of tonight, click on the link below! We are having VODS 2.0 with music and a layover!

  • Meta from R05!
  • 2x G Tron
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x Boros Burn
  • 1x 5C Humans
  • 1x Neofrom Combo
  • 1x Mono red prison
  • 1x Mardu Reanimator
  • 1x UW Control
  • 1x Death’s Shadow Zoo

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