GML Meta Report 6

GML Meta Report 6

sep 29 Deadaluzz  

Going into round 6 Ivo and Kalayon are batteling for first place in the GML. With 11 people this week we did better than last week. Besides that we saw two old friends join the GML again. Welcome Johan and Pascal.

In the first round Ivo and Kaloyan faced off right from the get go. He told him that he specially changed his sideboard to beat Eldrazi Tron. After 3 close games Ivo managed to beat Kaloyan.

The meta looked like this:
– Eldrazi Tron
– Mono Red Prowess
– Jeskai Stoneblade
– Ad Nauseam
– Urza
– 2x UW Stoneblade
– Jund creatures
– Laternless Lantern
– Jund
– Mardu Aggro

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Chief Content Officer, Decks: UW/Bant spirits, BW Gideons/ BW midrange, Colorless Eldrazi, Pyro Prison

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