GML Meta Report 6

GML Meta Report 6

jun 01 Amtgplayer  

The 6th round of the GML Season 3 has been played and this week there are some shifts in the top 5 places. 6 people battle it out over 5 positions. This week 13 players showed up and upcoming week is the last week to upload your decklist to compete for the most original decklist achievement of Season 3. The decks that will be submitted to before Tuesday the 4th of June at 22:00 PM will be taken into account!

If you would like to see the changes of this season, please click on the following link for the announcements

If you like to see the videos of tonight, click on the link below! We are having VODS 2.0 with music and a layover! This week in the spotlight
Grixis Death’s Shadow vs. Mono Red Prison!

  • Meta from R06!
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x 5C Humans
  • 1x Naya Midrange Combo
  • 1x Merfolk
  • 1x Mono red prison
  • 1x Martyr Proc
  • 1x Death’s Shadow
  • 1x RG Scapeshift
  • 1x BTL Scapeshift
  • 1x Hardened Scales
  • 1x Death’s Shadow Zoo
  • 1x Grixis Control
  • 1x 200 card combo list

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