GML Meta Report 7

GML Meta Report 7

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Going into round 7 we see a lot of UW Control or UW Mystic Stoneforge based decks. Or Alterated decks with Stoneforge Mystic added to the decklist. Also, with Ivo having such a lead, it is fair to say that he will be our Season 5 winner!!

Metagame, a lot of white and blue colours!

The meta looked like this:
– 1x Eldrazi Tron
– 1x Jeskai Stoneblade
– 1x Mardu Stoneblade
– 2x UW Stoneblade
– 1x Jund creatures
– 1x Laternless Lantern
–1x 8 Rack
– 1x UW Control
–1x Jund

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