GML Metareport 3

GML Metareport 3

sep 14 Deadaluzz  

The third round of the GML Season 5 has been played! We had 11 players this week.

Ivo made his first 4-0 victory of the season and gets an additional star in the Hall of Fame!

Kaloyan takes the lead but is closely followed by Ivo and Yoeri. Let’s see next week how things are going to play out!

The meta of round 3 looked like:
– RG Scapeshift
– 2x Eldrazi Tron
– Amulet Titan
– UG Infect
– Jund Toolbox
– Dredge
– Burn
– Tron
– Hardened Scales
– Jund

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Chief Content Officer, Decks: UW/Bant spirits, BW Gideons/ BW midrange, Colorless Eldrazi, Pyro Prison

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