GML Metareport 3

GML Metareport 3

jul 16 Amtgplayer  

The 3rd round of the GML Season 4 has been played and we have our second 4-0 Unstoppable Achievement of this season on our hands! This week Bas T. managed to win 4 times in a row and received the full 3,5 points on the leaderboard! 

Congratulations to Bas T. for his 4-0 and achieving his 3rd! 4-0 Unstoppable achievement. You can see his record at our Hall of Fame page!

With our third round on the way we had a decent 13 competitors this week. With Niels D still performing well, and Ivo missing at the match day. Niels D managed to take the lead on it’s own! With that being said, Ivo and PJ are still nearby and PJ is making a comeback!

Furthermore, we have a new Patron
Kaloyan Nikov is since this week a true Patron of aMTGplayer
Thank you very much for supporting the community!

This week in the spotlight: Throwback ‘wednesday’ on the 20th of march we had a classic Grixis DS vs Grixis DS matchup!

  • Meta from R03!
  • 1x UG Infect
  • 1x UR Phoenix
  • 1x Boros Burn
  • 1x Mono-white Martyr Aggro
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x Naya Combo
  • 1x Eldrazi D&T
  • 1x Hollow One
  • 1x Mardu Aggro
  • 1x Mono-red Phoenix
  • 1x The Rock
  • 1x Esper Control
  • 1x Titan Shift

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