GML Metareport 5

GML Metareport 5

jul 26 Amtgplayer  

The 5th round of the GML Season 4 has been played and we have our fourth 4-0 Unstoppable Achievement of this season on our hands! This week Bas M. managed to win again with a 4-0 victory! What a fighting spree!

Congratulations to Bas M. for his second 4-0 finisher! You can see his record at our Hall of Fame page!

With our fifth round on the way we had 12 competitors this week.

This week aMTGplayer also made some progress on hosting the Modern Team Event on the first of september! 01/09/2019. 

Niels v. Dijk is our Dwarf artificer and is crafting
aMTGplayer a portable feature match area! 

This week in the spotlight: Throwback ‘wednesday’ on the 21th of februari this year we had a spicy matchup! The Rock vs. Merfolk!

  • Meta from R05!
  • 2x UR Phoenix
  • 2x UW-Control
  • 1x Boros Burn
  • 1x Esper Mentor
  • 1x Eldra-Tron
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x Mardu Aggro
  • 1x Mono-red Phoenix
  • 1x The Rock
  • 1x Dredge

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