GML Metareport 6

GML Metareport 6

aug 03 Amtgplayer  

The 6th round of the GML Season 4 has been played. This week we had a couple of new decks and variations to the table. Unfortunately no 4-0 victory this week!

With our sixth round on the way we had 10 competitors this week. And we wish everyone a good vacation, wherever you may be these weeks!

This week aMTGplayer also made some progress on hosting the Modern Team Event on the first of september! 01/09/2019. 

Niels v. Dijk is our Dwarf artificer and is crafting
aMTGplayer a portable feature match area! 

This week in the spotlight: UW Control vs. Dredge

  • Meta from R06!
  • 2x UW-Control
  • 1x UR Phoenix
  • 1x Hollow One
  • 1x Mono Red Big Attack
  • 1x Eldra-Tron
  • 1x Grixis Control
  • 1x Mardu Aggro
  • 1x Mono-red Phoenix
  • 1x 4C Elementals

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