GML Metareport 7

GML Metareport 7

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The 7th round of the GML Season 3 has been played and what kind of week was this!? We all knew that PJ with his 6 point lead was hard to overcome, but players are really battling it out for the competition! Next week will be the last week and we will see with how many points PJ will end this season to set a record!!

If we look back to last week, there are nothing but changes in the competition and it will be not certain, who will finish on which spot! Even more so, Bas achieved his second unstoppable achievement, which makes him part of the group of 3 who have achieved this result more than once!

A great applause for Bas Timmermans for achieving his second Unstoppable Medal!

Alright, so this week was also the last chance for any player to submit his deck (where he had played with) to aMTGplayer to be nominated for “Most Original Decklist”. Next week, we will present you with the winner! This week 16 players showed up!

If you would like to see the changes of this season, please click on the following link for the announcements

If you like to see the videos of tonight, click on the link below! We are having VODS 2.0 with music and a layover! This week in the spotlight
Grixis Death’s Shadow vs. Mono Red Prison!

  • Meta from R07!
  • 2x 5C Humans
  • 1x Bant Stompy Combo
  • 1x EldraTron
  • 1x Grixis DS
  • 1x Merfolk
  • 1x Vampire Tribal
  • 1x Death’s Shadow Zoo
  • 1x Boros Burn
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x Blue Moon
  • 1x Infect
  • 1x Dredge
  • 1x Titan Scapeshift
  • 1x BTL Scapeshift
  • 1x Amulet Titan

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