GML Meta Report 1

GML Meta Report 1

apr 25 Amtgplayer  

The first round of the GML Season 3 has been played and it started with a firecracker! We have the Monthly winner of starting in this new GML Season and he started with a super result!

The evening started with some announcements of the new season and some new players! With 16 players in this round, we evened out the average of last season!

With everyone ready, the evening started and the players began to play. It didn’t took long for the first judge call to be made. And it wasn’t the only one. This evening we had over 10 judge calls which was much more than any round last season!

Bas de Vaan as head judge

With a succesful stream at the easter tournament we used our original filming for this round. During this season we will keep on experimenting so the experience four our players as our viewers will be perfected.

  • Next Monthly is at sunday 19th of May
  • Raymond has achieved an GML Unstoppable Achievement
  • Raymond took the lead in the season!
  • 2x Naya Midrange
  • 2x Affinity
  • 1x Hardened Scales
  • 1x Grixis Death’s Shadow
  • 1x Mono-white Martyr
  • 1x Jeskai Tempo
  • 1x Amulet Titan
  • 1x BR Midrange
  • 1x UR Phoenix
  • 1x Counters Company
  • 1x Abzan Zoo
  • 1x Ad Nauseam
  • 1x UW Control
  • 1x RG Aggro

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