GMLS3 Announcements

GMLS3 Announcements

apr 22 Amtgplayer  

Announcements regarding the new season of the GML!

After quite an exciting season’s finale we evaluated the season and got tops and tips from the community! At aMTGplayer we listened and took your opinion into account! So keep this announcement short we listed the changes below.

  • Achievements have been added to the GML. As you might have noticed, we have a new tab on our website Hall of Fame. Players who have obtained achievements will have their picture and achievement placed with a star symbol. The colour shows what the achievement stands for. If you would like to know which colour stands for which achievement, press on the following link: Gameforce Modern League.
  • From this season on we will also introduce an achievement for ‘most creative deck‘. In order to obtain this achievement you will have to provide the aMTGplayer team the list of your 75 cards. In round 7 of 8 we will put up a poll so everyone can vote on the decks that have been submitted! You can submit your decklist by e-mailing it to
  • The poll will open on the 5th of June and will close on the 12th of June.
  • During this season we will continue to experiment and improve the video coverage and quality. We have had a great test day on the 22st of April during the Modern Gameforce Easter Tournament.
  • The point system will remain the same for this season.
  • The new season will start at 24-04-2019 at 19:30 sharp. Make sure you are there in time! If you are a little late, make sure you tell somebody who is also going. So we can put your name in the system and generate the pairings on time!
  • The prizes will remain the same for this season.

That’s all for today’s announcements. If you have any questions or feedback. Lets us know, send your e-mail to and we will be in touch!

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