Meta report July

Meta report July

aug 08 Deadaluzz  

On Sunday the 21st of July 26 players attended the Modern Monthly at the Gameforce! Those 26 players were competing for a DOS- Ticket and a BYE for the first round of the tournament and also an EMSQ ticket! Players had to play 5 rounds of Magic with a cut-off to Top 8! We were present again to make you guys a meta report!

Metagame based on 26 decklists

Many unexpected decks made an appearance this sunday afternoon! 2 Elemental decks showed up since the M20 release. One of them even ended up in the Top-8! Furthermore BR Reanimator was a popular deck of choice!

Besides the Elementals of Niels, there were 2 Eldrazi decks, BR Reanimator, Jeskai Control, Humans, 10-Rack and UR Phoenix who took it all. Congratz to Bas!

Sorted by Archetype the meta looked like this:

Archetypes according to

Some facts of the day:
– Only 3 people had 9 points after 3 rounds of Magic, so only 2 people could ID their way into top-8 from round 3.
– No Tron (only Eldrazi Tron)
– Allmost 70% of the deck were aggro decks!

We hope this report gave you the right idea of which decks were played this day.

Futhermore we want to announce the upcoming team event on the first of september @ Gameforce. aMTGplayer will support a live stream on this event. If you can’t make it to the event you’ll be able to follow it at home!

If you can’t get enough of Modern just like us, feel free to join the Gameforce Modern League every wednesday! We record feature matches every wednesday which you can find on our Youtube channel

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