Meta Report June

Meta Report June

jun 24 Deadaluzz  

Last sunday 31 players breached the heat to come and play Modern at the Gameforce in Eindhoven. Those 31 players were competing for a Dutch Open Qualifier ticket which gives them free entry and a BYE for the first round of the tournament. Players had to play 5 rounds of Magic with a cut-off to top-8. As usual aMTGplayer was there to collect data and make a meta report.

Meta based on 31 decklists

The meta was quite diverse again! This was the first monthly that Modern Horizons was legal so we saw a few cards added to the meta decks. Some examples are the drawlands like Sunbaked Canyon and Waterlogged Grove. Some people opted for Prismatic Vista as their new fetchland of choice. Force of Negation made his first appereance in UW-Control and above all the new Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis deck made it 2 times into the Top-8.

Besides that the Top-8 consisted of Mono Red Prison, Blue Moon, Hollow One, UW-Control, Burn and the winner Colorless Eldrazi.

Sorted by Archetype the meta looked like this:

Archetypes according to

Some facts of the day:
– The only tron lands played were in Eldrazi Tron
– 3 UW-control and 3 UR Phoenix decks
– After 3 round 4 people could ID themselves into the Top 8

So after last sunday we can say that Modern Horizons changed quite a bit to the Modern Meta. The new kid on the block in Hogaak made a great first impression but will this trend last? Only time will tell!

We hope this report gave you the right idea of which decks were played this day.

If you can’t get enough of Modern just like us, feel free to join the Gameforce Modern League every wednesday! We record feature matches every wednesday which you can find on our Youtube channel. The next season will start next wednesday and we will be testing the London Mulligan rule!

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