Meta Report May

Meta Report May

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On the 19th of May there was another edition of the Gameforce DOSQ Monthly. This time 31 people attended. It was their last chance to earn a DOS-invite + a bye for their first round. Players had to play 5-rounds of Magic with a cut-off to top-8. As usual we were there to analyse the meta!

Meta based on 31 decklists

The meta was quite diverse again with Tron most represented. This was the first monthly since War of the Spark was release so people could finally meet Tron’s newest edition: Karn, the Great Creator. This new Karn gives Tron the opportunity to shut there opponents out of playing Magic by turn 4 via Mycosynth Lattice. This was something a few players experienced this afternoon.

Archetypes according to

Some facts of the day:
– 3 Prison Decks
– 3 Tron Decks
– After 3 round of Magic the 4 people who were 3-0 could ID their way into the top8.

This time we had a top 8 without Hardened Scales. It consisted of 8 different decks: Mono Red Prison, Hollow One, Bant Spirits, Bringshift, UW Midrange, Dredge, Tron and Bant Midrange. In the end it was UW Midrange who won it all after beating Bringshift in the finals!

Again a great deck of Magic with many new card from War of the Spark. It was great to see that people try new stuff!

We hope this report gave you the right idea of which decks were played this day.

If you can’t get enough of Modern just like us, feel free to join the Gameforce Modern League every wednesday! We record feature matches every wednesday which you can find on our Youtube channel.

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