Meta Report Super Easter Tournament!

Meta Report Super Easter Tournament!

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We’ve never looked forward to Easter more than for this edition of the Super Easter tournament! This Easter monday wasn’t only a big day for the 65 players who were attending but also for aMTGplayer! For the first time we had our stream live at a tournament! It was a great succes! We had 349 unique views! Now onwards to the meta.

Like you expect in Modern the meta was quite diverse again! However some decks were well represented. Some expected other less expected if you ask me. The usual suspects in Tron and UR Phoenix had both 6 decks registered for this tournament. Hardened Scales and GDS had 5 entrees even as BW Taxes. This suprised us quite a bit. Were they bringing in the deck to punish the meta or is this always their deck of choice? The rest of the meta looked like this:

Meta based on 65 decklists

Diverted to archetypes this resulted in the following graph:

Archertypes based on

Because of the number of attendents, players played 7 rounds of Magic with a cut off to top 8. The top 8 consisted of Hardened Scales, Dredge (2x), Jeskai Control, GDS, BW Taxes,Titanshift and UR Phoenix. They had to compete for 4x DOS Qualification slots and ofcourse the nice cash payout. In the end Leo, Harm-Joost, Nick and Ricardo made it top 4. They Decided to split the money and all went home as a qualified DOS player!

We hope this report gave you the right idea of which deck were played this day. If you have any tips regarding the tournament or the stream feel free to contact us!

If you can’t get enough of Modern just like us, feel free to join the Gameforce Modern League every wednesday! We record feature matches every wednesday which you can find on our Youtube channel.

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