Season Winner’s Interview

Season Winner’s Interview

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“I think my “big play” was using Animation Module to put a counter on my opponents Aether Vial in response to an activation, making it tick up to 4. This left my opponent with a bunch of 3-drops in hand that he couldn’t deploy, and ended up winning me the game.” – Yoeri Godfried

What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Yoeri Godfried and I’m from Eindhoven.

Why did you decide to participate in the Gameforce Modern League?
A few years ago me and my friends would practice for big modern tournaments (Grand Prix’s, and local big tournaments) on Wednesday nights. My friends had the idea to make it into a regular thing at our LGS and the group started growing. Eventually this evolved into the GML, and since I was used to being there on Wednesdays already, this was an easy choice to make!

Which deck(s) did you play during the GML?
Before the GML I played UG infect, but I didn’t like its position in the meta when the league started. I tried playing burn for a day, I played a jeskai nahiri list and I played bant spirits before trying out and settling on hardened scales affinity.

With which deck(s) did you achieve the best results and why?
Overall my performance was the best with hardened scales. I tried to get a grip on the deck and even though my first few rounds weren’t amazing I feel like I’ve gotten pretty proficient at using the decks tools to my advantage.

Which matchups were the toughest during this season?
I think both UW control and grixis control are pretty rough, along with UR phoenix.
• UW control is tough because of terminus and path. In order to go under counterspells and large game-winning threats you need to deploy your board as soon as possible, a well-timed terminus ends your plans quickly, and welding jar feels terrible in game 1 because all their removal is not damage based.
• Grixis control is interesting, if they get their snapcast-kommand value train going you’re in for a bad time, along with permission it’s not easy to find the right timing window to do your thing. At least welding jar is good here!
• UR phoenix is a race, which becomes very lopsided for them when they have thing in the ice. Along with gutshot makes this your life hard. The games where they rely on phoenixes to win are winnable on scales though!

What withheld you from achieving the GML Unstoppable achievement?
Honestly, I’ve just not been very lucky (and full-disclosure, I missed lethal in a drawn game for 4-0 once too, so perhaps I’m just bad). In Magic you need to play towards your outs, and you need to have the stars align sometimes. I think overall I played well this season, but I didn’t have that day where everything clicked and I won every match.

Are you going to achieve this next season!?
We’ll see! I’m going to try for sure. I still see myself make mistakes with the deck so there’s definitely room for improvement. That’ll decrease the effect luck has on my performance, and perhaps we’ll be able to pull out a 4-0! I’d rather win the entire thing though 😉.

Would you pick the same deck next season or are you going to try something new and why would you?
I’m definitely playing the same deck. I still have experimenting to do with the list now that I’ve gotten a little bit better at the deck, and I still have a bunch of mistakes I make in my games that I can polish away by playing more matches with the deck.

What is the biggest ‘play’ and ‘miss-play’ this season that you can remember?
I think my “big play” was using Animation Module to put a counter on my opponents Aether Vial in response to an activation, making it tick up to 4. This left my opponent with a bunch of 3-drops in hand that he couldn’t deploy, and ended up winning me the game.

My biggest miss-play during this season was definitely going all-in on Walking Balista with a Steel Overseer in play while my opponent had no real threat but had life-gain on board. I didn’t register his opportunity to gain life and sacc-ed my two ballistas, leaving me with no-board presence and giving away the game in the following turns.

On which moment in this season did you get the feeling that you could actually win this league?
Week 7, I had a good performance tying up with Eric S. and thought now’s the time!

You won the second season of the GML, what does this mean to you?
It’s great really. I’ve been playing magic since 2015 and I feel like I’ve been getting quite a bit better in the past year or two. Getting a victory at my LGS in an extended tournament feels like confirmation of that, hopefully it’ll be the first of many!

If you look back at the past two month’s, what part of the GML did you like the most?
I enjoy the atmosphere. With a small entry fee we do get people that want to play modern and try to win, but we don’t very often get the people that brewed up a 5 color cat tribal list that they’ve been dying to play. We get a light-hearted slightly competitive atmosphere which is just what I like to practice a format.

Would you reconmend the GML to other people?
Definitely. If you are the person that wants to play the 5 color cat tribal list (I’m sorry, I don’t have a list for you) please do show up by the way. Brews keep the format from going stale and perhaps we’ll find out your list is the next big thing!

If so, could you describe the reason why you would in 3 sentinces?
A competitive atmosphere with a laugh, along with a bunch of experience in modern. What more do you need?

Last but not least, what would you advice other players who would like to win the GML?
Feel free to experiment in the format but stick with a deck when you find something you like. I feel like it’s better to be an expert a mediocre deck than to be mediocre at a tier 1 deck.

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