The Apotheosis of Season 2

The Apotheosis of Season 2

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“It started as something small, but we managed to get 128 participants throughout the season. It makes an average of 16 participants every week!” – Ivo S.

Wow what a round, what a season. The competition was determined until the very last games of the night. After 2 month’s of competition rounds, the upper-bracket had all there was left to fight for. Calculations were made by the contenders and the upper-bracket saw chances to win the league for themselves. Erik S couldn’t make it unfortunately, due to rightful leave. But that didn’t mean the competition was fought for.

The first round started and every contender did their best to win the competition. As Yoeri started his first match versus a new player in the league Niels M, he saw himself faced versus a balanced Jund deck, ready to rip his Hardened Scales deck apart. Meanwhile, the other matches were played. The first one to leave the end sprint was Niels T, he lost his first round, the Spirits couldn’t close the gap. Freek and Robert were still in the chase! Both won their first battles.

Then the second round began. The nerves rose and yet another contender left the race as Robert’s Counters Company was defeated by Freek’s Grixis Death’s Shadow. Freek, the newcomer to this season, who made a big impact to this season’s competition! This ment that Freek and Yoeri were battling it out. Freek had to make an GML Unstoppable victory to win the league, while Yoeri only had to make a 3-1 victory if Freek would succeed in his. If Freek wouldn’t succeed, Yoeri only had to make a 2-2 performance to win it all!

The third round began, the eyes of Yoeri were set on his own table, but also on the tables where Freek and David were battling it out. Yoeri was yet focused and set to battle it out on the feature match area, while Freek was fighting his heart out vs Grixis Control!

Freek saw his journey ending while he tried to dismember his opponent’s Snapcaster Mage who had 5 additional cards left in hand. While he had no threat on his side of the field. Freek lost his match and between Yoeri and his opponent a draw emerged. At that very moment you could see the pressure falling of Yoeri’s chest. That outcome ment that Yoeri won the league!

Yoeri officialy won the Gameforce Modern League Season 2!

We from the aMTGplayer Team would like to congratulate Yoeri Godfried with his 
achievement and entering the aMTGplayer Hall of Fame with his performance

Next Gameforce tournaments:

Sunday the 14th of April, the Monthly at the Gameforce (DOSQ)

Monday the 22th of April, Easter Tourney at the Gameforce wih 4 DOSQ tickets. Early Bird tickets in the link below.

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Final standings GMLS2

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