The Final Round of Season 3

The Final Round of Season 3

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“Seasons come and go, this season records are broken and new achievements were introduced. I feel like this season we really took it a step further, especially on the coverage part on YouTube” – Ivo S.

This season had a lot of different faces. A big start with a lot of Unstoppables, but also the start of new achievements and a new Feature Match Area. Here we have David and Niels in the new feature match area!

Season 3 Round 8 Match 1!
Blue Moon Vs. Bant Neoform Combo

Furthermore, PJ started really strong and set a record by achieving 3 times a 4-0 victory in a row and set the bar for the rest of the season. This season we also introduced the most original deck achievement and decklists were sent. Eric earned the ‘Most Original Decklist’ achievement with his ‘Naya Volcanic Combo’. The combo is as following: T3 infinite life with either Nearheath Pilgrim or Swift Justice and Volcano Hellion, Boros Reckoner, redirection to his opponent. Besides the combo there are a lot of tutor cards and ramp cards. You can find the decklist at this link, and you can find this in the Hall of fame!

With that being said, the question rised during this last round. How will PJ end this season? Will it be in Minor with an attendence (since he earned enough points to win this season) or will he try to make the best of it and end the season in Major? The dices were thrown and the first games started to play out and he won. The second round started and this one was at the feature match area. His matchup: Jeskai Tempo vs 5C Humans.

PJ managed to come out on top and there he when’t to the next round! In the end PJ managed to make another 4-0 victory! He ended the season in Major and set the bar for the upcoming seasons!

PJ officialy won the Gameforce Modern League Season 3!

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