Why Patreon?

Why Patreon?

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First of all, the aMTGplayer team would like to thank you for reading this article and reading our content! Our mission is to keep the content FREE for everyone.

Why do we need support?

Although this initiative is disinterested and is runned by volunteers, it isn’t effortless and it does cost us time to maintain and improive. For example, we have to purchase software/hardware to keep producing VOD’s and to keep this platform (incl. YouTube) running AND improving. Therefore we searched for a way so we can keep doing what we do and increase our content and quality for You and a way for You to support us directly! This is where Patreon comes in to play! 🙂

Why Patreon?

Patreon is a known and frequently used platform to support artists or people to create content for an audience. Therefore we decided to create a Patreon account and create different tiers in order for You to decide how much u would like to contribute to the platform!

Your Support won’t go unnoticed. Every Tier has different benefits, below you can find the different kind of Tiers and what kind of benefits you can get from them! Even with 1 dollar per month, You can make a change! 🙂

To find this page and read all about it and/or become a supporter follow the link below!


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